Zoochosis Research Paper

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“Daddy, Daddy! Can we go to the zoo?” Well that might be a bad idea because of these few reasons. First, the zoos often mistreat their animals. Second off, those wild animals have to stay in those barbaric cages every day.Last, people have recorded animals going crazy. So, let's look over those reasons more. Okay, this one is pretty bizarre so prepare yourself for “zoochosis”! If you don’t know what zoochosis is its when the animals in the zoo go crazy! This can be very serious. Side effects of zoochosis include twitching, pacing, bar biting and head bobbing. And according to care2 even reports of self fatality! Zoochosis is extremely sirois so don't support zoos. “Daddy? Why is the tiger so skinny,” Well we know the answer to that one.
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