Zooey Story Analysis

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This forum I learned from Seligman how happy people are happy, Zooey taught me that you have try to catch the bird not chase it, and discussion taught me to realize what makes me happy. I will look at what I learned from these, how I will use this information in other parts of life, and finally what else I would like to learn about from this forum. Seligman in the ted talk told how unhappy and happy people are different. He said that the only way they are different are because happy people socialize. This I found very relatable at the time because I was struggling with my happiness. I found that I was not going out and doing much I was just lying in bed all day watching Netflix. This to me made sense because I was seeing all my friend on social media out and about but I was stuck at home just being a bum. Zooey Story I found very relatable at the time and when reading her story, I thought I was reading something about myself. When analyzing it though I realized on difference. Zooey was just chasing the bird but I was trying to catch the bird. In her story, zooey gives an analogy of happiness and calls it a bird. She talks about how she is chasing happiness but never can seem to catch. When it comes to me I’m not chasing the bird I am trying to catch the bird. This taught me that you can’t chase happiness or other things you want you to have to go and catch them. In discussion with a classmate I found that my family and friends are what truly make me happy. During this

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