Zoology Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

I am applying to study zoology because I have had an intense passion for animals for as long as I can remember, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else as a career. Throughout my life, I have been privileged to live and visit many countries, and thus have have encountered a vast variety of animals, each of which have fueled my interest in the field even more. My childhood was spent outside, in a treehouse, surrounded by various jars where I kept insects that I had caught. I built them habitats, caught their food for them, and studied their behaviour. I kept praying mantises, and inadvertently bred them, which was fascinating, Rhino and Scarab beetles, which I rescued from swimming pools, and many other creatures. I distinctly remember hand feeding a cricket to a wild gecko when I was about 8, it was an amazing feeling. Other than my practical experiences, I have supplemented my interests with literature, particularly books by by Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian Zoologist, and documentaries; especially anything by David Attenborough and recently, the Secret Life of the Zoo, which follows behind the scenes of Chester Zoo. Even my favourite YouTube subscriptions focus on animals, either as people’s exotic pets, or in the wild. For two years, I have been volunteering at a small local zoo, which is home to many animals, from goats to a 9 metre long albino ball python. I help out by feeding the residents, grooming them, and cleaning out their enclosures. One
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