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Case Example D

The main legal issues that have come about from this case are very important for many reasons. Zoom Car Company is being sued on part of Daniel Boone for them to pay for his medical expenses resulting from being dragged from his car and being beaten. The reason behind this is his compass that was installed in his car by Zoom Car Company was faulty which lead him in the wrong direction where he got lost and ended up in a horrible situation. Daniel Boone is suing for his medical bills to be paid by the company of the faulty feature the car offered when it was bought. Who should be responsible for Daniel Boone’s medical bills? As the plaintiff he argues that Zoom Car Company should be responsible for his medical bills
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The defendant’s argument is they shouldn’t be responsible for Daniel Boone’s incident because Corrigan Rulers were the ones who manufactured the compass and they should be held responsible for the cost of medical bills and for any other damages. Zoom Car Company believes it is a superseding event, “the defendant isn’t liable for injuries caused by such events for which he or she is not responsible” (108). Which would mean the company can only be held responsible for the faulty compass that was installed in the car not the actions that took place after the fact of where he ended up. It is also possible that Daniel didn’t know how to use the compass, which would result in him being held accountable under these circumstances. Nothing is certain on who is responsible for the compass to not work effectively. If there is sufficient proof of the compass not working when the car was purchased it will put them at fault. But if the plaintiff, Daniel Boone, somehow broke the compass after the purchase of the car then he could be held responsible for his actions and would therefore have to pay for his medical bills. “ For a seller to be held strictly liable, the product it sells must reach the consumer or user “without substantial change” in its condition (129).” If the company, Corrigan Rulers, can somehow prove that the compass was in perfect condition when delivered to Zoom Car Company they will no longer be held responsible for the medical bills. If I was the judge on
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