Zoonotic Diseases Research Paper

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Zoonotic diseases is a serious and major concern to human health. What is a zoonosis? Zoonoses are diseases that are caused by pathogens that can infect different animals that has the ability to pass to humans. Zoonotic pathogens also destroy biodiversity in fragile wildlife. They cause many effects to humans in many different ways. Zoonosis are very important to study because scientists await a challenge on developing vaccines on a developing cure on human aids. Zoontic diseases are dangerous because it can spread by mosquitos, and ticks. Zoonotic Diseases can be cause by many things like viruses, and bacteria. CDC and prevention stated that scientists appraised that more than 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases in humans are spread…show more content…
Zoonoses shows more existence in places where there are rates of poverty. Many people that reside in poor rural areas are more likely to eat infected meat because it is cheaper than organic meat. People that live in places of poverty are more likely to acquire a zoonotic disease because the people are at a high risk to be apt and to be exposed to zoonotic diseases and infections. Zoonotic diseases are difficult to get rid of because people who live in poverty-stricken areas have less of a chance to afford to get approbate care to the disease that they receive. Infonet-biovision states that there are many reasons that zoonotic diseases are more common in places of poverty because of unkept or below par sanitary conditions. Poor sanitary conditions in poverty-stricken areas receive more of a chance of getting a zoonotic disease because the area shows an absence of currency to build well built and reliable sanitary units. Until the sanitary conditions are upgraded people that live in these areas have the same or more of a chance of getting these diseases. Another reason as to why people that are living in poverty are more likely to receive a zoonotic disease is due to the lack of good veterinarian’s and public health services because of the scarcity of veterinary services makes the situation in poverty-stricken areas for the individuals that can not afford the appropriate service that the animals needs. Many of theses zoonotic diseases in these poor areas result in a crippling disease to the individual. People who are infected with the disease will not work as well or as efficient as the healthy co-worker resulting the person with the infection to not receive the money that they need to buy organic and heathy foods, medicines, bills, taxes, proper schooling,
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