Zoos Are A Great Place Of Entertainment

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First of all, what are zoos? Many people said that zoos are a great place of entertainment because they can take their families to see lots of exotic animals that you only get to see in books or on TV. Other said that zoos could be described as some collections of animals found in nature. Of course, all these opinions are true because for me going to the zoo has been always a great place to learn and also have fun in company of my family. In addition, I’ve found that all animals in the zoo have different personality. For instance, the last time I went, and I spent a lot of time watching the gorillas. I could noticed how all four gorillas that I watched are totally different. For example, Zuri the silverback gorilla show had been the leader of the group because he was the largest gorilla and have strong arms that make him to walk upright. However, there have been both good and bad point or opinions about zoos. In brief, for me zoos have more advantages than disadvantages because the purposes behind keeping animals in detention are associated with positive educational needs, research, recreation and conservation. But the question whether animals should be kept captivated or not will be always in a debate. First, zoos provide education to society. The role of zoos nowadays places a greater emphasis on education and conservation than merely recreation. Many school children visit zoos to know more about endangered species and the different ways to conserve them. The signposts
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