Zoos Are An Unsafe Environment For Animals

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What do you see when you think of a Zoo? Usually, people think of a place to hang out with family and friends and are educated on animals. Zoos give an opportunity for city kids or people to see wild animals. A zoo is a place where animals live in and are put on display for people to view. Zoos travel back to as early as 2500 B.C., when nobility started to collect exotic animals. In Europe, sixteenth century, when early explorers traveled to the New World, they brought home all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures like anteaters and sloths (Sunquist). The first modern zoo, opened in Vienna in 1765, but it was not until the mid-to-late 1800s that zoos started to become more common. The idea of displaying wild animals to the public in the park was instantly appealing to the rising middle class of the Victorian era (Sunquist). Though some may believe zoos are an unsafe environment for animals, most zoos have benefited animals by educating the public, contributing to the conservation of animals by developing breeding programs or other conservation-oriented programs, and also bringing them into a safe environment. Some critics may argue that Zoos are a harmful and inhumane method of commercializing animals. While this may be true, zoos also are very beneficial not just to animals but to humans because they bring communities together and foster an appreciation of animals. This exposure motivates and educates people into protecting the animals. Rebecca Madden, a time staff
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