Zoos Are Inhumane

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Zoos Are Inhumane Zoos across the world claim to be safe, suitable homes that replicate habitats of animals that are usually found in the wild. However, there is no possible way for wild habitats to be replicated well enough for animals in captivity to thrive, animals are often separated and withheld from living as they would in the wild. Despite their argument of being educational for visitors, the only thing they are teaching the public is that it is ok to take animals out of the wild and lock them up for their own enjoyment. Regardless of these claims, zoos are inhumane. The first reason that zoos are inhumane is because while in confinement, animals’ needs are rarely met. In fact, often times these life altering changes made in captivity can have tremendously destructive effects on the animals. Birds’ wings may be clipped so that they cannot fly, aquatic animals often go without adequate water, and many animals who naturally live in large herds or family groups are kept alone or, at most, in pairs. Natural hunting and mating behaviors are virtually eliminated by regulating feeding and breeding regimens. Animals are closely confined, lack privacy, and have little opportunity for mental stimulation or physical exercise. These conditions often result in abnormal and self-destructive behavior, known as “zoochosis.” (PETA 9) By placing these animals in unsuitable environments, they are experiencing mental and physical abuse. Moreover, their behaviors are being reformed in order to even be able to survive in such terrible conditions, therefore, altering future generations of these animals. So, not only are zoos changing these animals to conform to their artificial surroundings, but they are also disturbing the natural instincts of the species in order to survive in captivity. As mentioned by the Humane Society of the United States, “Inhumane conditions teach children the wrong message, seeming to condone indifference. Zoos should educate about how animals live in the wild, and help preserve them there.” (The Humane Society of the United States 8). While zoos often try and replicate the natural habitats that these animals live in, they cannot be successfully duplicated, therefore wrongly educating children

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