Zoos In The Zoo

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Even in the midst of a technological revolution, we try to preserve the natural greens and wildlife; be it parks, pets, or small house plants. The society today might regard a zoo for its famed wild animals standing high and mighty within the concrete jungle, but is that what truly happens in confinement as well?
Zoos are first and foremost for people not animals. Zoos exist to serve the human gaze though they portray themselves as the arks of the animal kingdom, safeguarding the future of biodiversity. And it is true that many zoos do have conservation, breeding, and reintroduction programs, which are certainly noble projects. But what about the rest of the animals that are not endangered? At the National Zoo, only one in five of the animals
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He stalked children from his underwater window, prompting zoo staff to put up barriers to keep the frightened children away from his predatory gaze. Gus’ neuroticism earned him the nickname “the bipolar bear,”
Others might argue that zoos preserve species whose habitat has been destroyed or wiped out. The zoos suggest that they sustain the species in captivity until the cause of expiration is fixed, and then successfully reintroduce the animals to the wild, resulting in a healthy, self-sustaining population but in truth. Animal theme parks are basically zoos; however, they are more into the entertainment aspect of the animals for the people, at the animals’ expense. Animal theme parks, such as Sea World, tend to show off the animals, ride the animal, and put them on display for the tourists’ entertainment.
We, as humans, take our own liberty quite seriously. Indeed, we consider liberty to be one of our inalienable rights. But too many of us apparently feel no obligation to grant the same right to animals, who, because they cannot defend themselves against our sophisticated methods of capture and because they do not speak our language, cannot claim it for

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