Zoot Suit Riots : The Similarities Between The Death Of Jose Diaz And The Zoot Lawsuit Riots?

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In the documentary Zoot Suit Riots, the similarity between the death of Jose Diaz and the Zoot Suit Riots is the zoot suiters both encountered prejudice and critiques in the papers. Hank Leyvas and the boys were sentenced as guilty in Los Angeles tabloid journals. And the Los Angeles press has severe bias against the zoot suiter and even is hostile to them. In the papers, they were partial to the servicemen and said that they had only been avenging injuries on them and their wives caused by zoot suiters. And they praised the acts of servicemen which involved attacks and assaults and considered them to have the effect of cleansing hoodlums. Moreover, the Los Angeles Examiner even wrote that there were no time for arguments and…show more content…
The other servicemen fought their ways back and towed him back to safety. The story of this fight spread and was more and more distorted in each retelling of the it. Then few days later, sailors formed an avenging strike against the zoot suiters. This was where the riots began. In 1942, the death of Jose Diaz occurred on August 2. On October 13, the largest trial in California history, seventeen Mexican boys faced charges related to the death of Jose Diaz. On Dec 10, the War Relocation Authority set up a prison in Utah for stubborn Japanese Internment camp Inmates. On December 31, a fight in Detroit evolved into a citywide riot which caused twenty five blacks and nine whites dead and $2 million property destroyed. In 1943, starting from March to July 17, Los Angeles bans zoot suits. On May 31, a group of sailors and soldiers generated conflicts with Mexican American youths near downtown Los Angeles. One sailor was hit on the head. On June 3, a group of sailors intent on a revenge for their wounded sailor and targeted all zoot suiters. From June 4 to June 7, the riots kept expanding and spreading into Watts. On June 8, military evacuated soldiers from LA. On September 8, Italy officially surrendered to the Allied powers. On October 13, the seventeen defendants were convicted of assault and sentenced to jail. In 1944, first-generation Japanese Americans were deemed to be eligible for the military draft on January 14.

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