Zora Neale Hurston And Richard Wright Essay

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t was during the literary time period of 1920 when black authors were finally given a voice in American society. They rebuffed the idea of racial strife being the main objective of their works, and instead were devoted to as well as considered literature a way to elevate and improve the perception of blacks. Some time around this era, Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright were the two primary authors, and although both shared the same aim of advancing black people 's literary work, their methods towards the subject matter of this era differed from one another. While Hurston tried to connect the cultural disparity between the whites and the blacks, Wright tried to move further to achieve fairness and equality between the racial groups.
Wright and Hurston were two of the most well known writers of their time. Hurston made an excessive amount of literary works, Their Eyes Were Watching God being included as one of the most broadly read. She grew up in the same location that she used in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Florida, in a rural area that was an all black district where she was forced to believe she was inferior, and having attended a distinguished and prominent black university, Howard University, she did not encounter racism as harshly as others, which could potentially be the reason as to why racism is not a main focal point in her works. She was proud of her black culture and therefore continuously praised black culture rather than vigorously fight for equal rights.
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