Zora's Short Story: The International Police

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No one ever thought it would end up this way. But it had. As forces of evil moved into attack position; the people of the universe held there breath in anticipation. Fear. They had begun to forget what it felt like. The way things used to be, when it peace ruled the nations. Crime felt non-existent. Not because it was, but because there people stopped it. Itsupiki. Zora. The International Police actually fought hard for the people. Don’t worry, Itsupiki will be there soon. Zora’s on her way, it’ll be fine. Everyone thought it. But no one actually believed it. Who’s to say they hadn’t died, or won’t be there in time? The adults even dared to say: Or maybe they’ve fallen. Names. Names that the people didn’t like to speak. Leath.
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