Zulu Tribe

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The Zulu Tribe Of Africa

KwaZulu-Natal is the smallest province in South Africa, yet it contains the remnants of the once powerful Zulu tribe. The history of the Zulu people is rather short in comparison to other tribes in Africa. In this essay I hope to briefly discuss the Zulu history, what makes them unique, the Zulu religion, the interaction with the British colonial groups, how the Zulu nation came to come into power, and where the present day Zulu people stand in society today.

It is not known exactly when or how the Zulu tribe came into existence, but it is thought it originated around the 1620’s. Because there is no real evidence that describes the origin of the Zulu people, one has to filter through some of the
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Warriors were ordered to live in special camps under their commanders, and were not allowed to marry before the age of 409. The traditional throwing spear was replaced by the short spear used for stabbing called the “iklwa” by the Zulu because of the sound it made when pulled out of the enemy’s body10. Shaka’s soldiers were trained constantly, becoming so fit that they were able to go into battle after marching 50 miles in one day. The Zulu tribe was being transformed into a new strictly militarized nation. When his old enemy, Zwide, chief of the Ndwandwe killed Dingiswayo in an ambush, Shaka emerged as the undisputed successor. He reorganized the Mthethwa along Zulu lines, and adopted a new policy consisting of conquering tribes and using their young men as soldiers in his army. Shaka declared the Zulu dialect to be the official language. The advisory role of the old councils of chiefs and elders was done away with. Shaka occasionally took advice from his commanders, but he ruled with absolute power11.

After consolidating his rule, Shaka began to look outward. His first task was to rid himself of the Ndwandwe threat that had claimed Dingiswayo’s life. This he did in a seven-week campaign that culminated in the annihilation of the Ndwandwe forces. Zwide and some of his subjects escaped and settled with some of his subjects on the upper Nkomati River. Zwide eventually died in 182512. Meanwhile, in his ten-year reign, Shaka’s army dominated all of
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