Zumwalt Class Survivors Research Paper

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In the world of military matters, the United States is on the forefront of military technology, tactics, and personnel, especially with the recently commissioned Zumwalt Class Destroyers. Recently within the U.S. Navy specifically, there have been many upgrades and changes, mainly due to the need for upgrades within the many different areas of the fleet. With the newly designed Zumwalt class currently being built by General Dynamics by Bath Iron Works, the Navy has done just that. The Zumwalt Class Destroyers received their naming after the former US Navy Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr, who served in the position from 1970-1974. Two of the ships are currently being built and one, the USS Zumwalt DDG-1000, already beginning its sea trials. The original plan was to build thirty-two of these priced vessels back when the planning originally stated, each with a price of $3.3 billion. Subsequently thought, over time price for each ship increase to more than $9 billion, so the program was cut down to only three in 2009. These three ships will be the largest ships ever built. Each ship comes out to be 610 ft. in length and over 15,000 tons when displaced, sixty-five percent larger than the exsisting 9,500-ton Aegis cruisers. With a vessel this size, you would expect it to hold a crew…show more content…
The ships will first have to prove their selves and have to have some adjusting done to them here and there, but as of now, on paper, as far as the technology and fire power is concerned, these vessels are beyond anything else that any other country currently possesses. This is why that the upcoming Zumwalt Class ships, once everything completed and worked out, will be leading the forefront of the surface naval operations for the Unite
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