Zyx Incorporated Essay

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Case Study of ZYX Incorporated
Executive Summary ZYX Inc is determined to find out what is causing the increase in absenteeism and sick leaves. ZYX’s employees’ job satisfaction will be measured by using different types of tests in which one will be able to find out the variables that impact their satisfaction. In this study one will be able to understand why there are attendance problems, as well as the factors that interfere with such problems and what needs to be done to improve job satisfaction among the employees. All variables used in this study are important because each variable will allow one to see the different outcomes. The variables used in this study are at the level of education, gender, position, commute time, as well
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It was also discovered the company-wide turnover rate has doubled within the past 4 months.
Statement of Purpose This study will help us find out why there is an attendance problem and narrow down what factors are directly interfering with the attendance of the absentees. We will also find out what needs to be done to improve job satisfaction among the employees.

Research Questions
The following questions will be investigated and answered in this Case Study:
1. Is there a direct correlation between the stress level of the employees and job satisfaction?
2. Does job satisfaction, in turn, affect the over-all attendance of the employees?
3. What effect does the travel time of the employees have on stress levels?
4. What processes can ZXY Inc. implement to decrease their current turnover rate?
The variables that will be measured and the level of measurement are as follows:
Level of education and gender (male or female) will be measured at the nominal level. Position, Income, and Interest will be measured at the ordinal level. The employee’s commute in minutes will be measured at the Interval level, leaving income, and stress and job satisfaction being measured at the ratio level.
Dependent and Independent Characteristics The characteristics of all the research questions will involve different aspects because each question has its own meaning and answer to it. The first question talks about the difference between two different
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