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Bryant Pereira Prof. Parker ENC1102 3rd March, 2011 “American Voices, and the Troubles of the World” What truly is the new America voice of literature? How many real authors out there can even compare to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, or William Falkner? In a highly re-defined country such as the United States, where education is a big part of our lifestyles, you’d expect a plethora of new age authors to appear from each and every corner. However, our system does not run like that. These days, most literature is based off of cheesy storylines, with no real educational value. Works such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and many more are what have been infiltrating the minds of many young readers alike. There are several hidden gems though,…show more content…
I find if I was to relate myself to another person who has not lived in the older generations, but has the same mental aspect as me; I would relate myself to the famous reggae artist Bob Marley. Both he and I express our feelings through the same style of music, and send out many of the same messages. Even though Bob Marley is not American, and he is of African descent, he and I both represent the older voice by showing hardships to the world that can be overcome when people put ignorance aside, and work together to achieve one love. If I were to relate myself to someone from the story, I believe I would have to relate myself to the character Laurel. When I was much younger, I was void of all knowledge regarding any type of prejudice or meanness the world harnessed. I was very naïve, and never understood why most people just didn’t get along, or just talked their problems out. Just like Laurel, I found out how unfairly people are treated through the teachings of my father. Even in today’s society where racism is not nearly as accepted as it was in the past, there are still several cases of prejudice feelings being pushed onto people. I truly hope that one day these hardships people face can be overcome, and the people of Earth realize that if we are to advance into the future we need to put any harsh feelings our ancestors had behind, and realize that on the inside we are all the same. Works cited "Angelou, Maya (1928-)." Encyclopedia of World
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