_Leadership Cannot Be Taught

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Leadership cannot be taught 1. Introduction In the context of the rapidly changing and growingly dynamic market place, the economic agents of the modern day society come to place more and more emphasis on management and leadership. These two notions are sometimes utilized as synonyms, yet important distinctions exist between them. Leadership as such is responsible for envisioning the future of the company and motivating the people to follow the company towards the set vision. Management, on the other hand, is more practical, and it is normally focused on the development and implementation of the strategies which allow the company to attain the pre-established vision. Other differences include the following: Management is focused on administration and leadership is focused on innovation Management focuses on maintaining a status quo, whereas leadership sets out to develop Management is focused on structures and systems, whereas leadership is focused on the people Management seeks to control the people, whereas leadership seeks to inspire them Management is focused on short term objectives, whereas leadership looks at the long term future (The Wall Street Journal). All in all, management is more technical, whereas leadership is more inspirational. And it now has to be recognized that the technical skills can be learnt, whereas the skills to inspire and innovate are innate. In other words, it is now believed that while the managers can be formed, the leaders

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