“a Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe”

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“A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe” Tricia Monet is a store director at a retail store called “Personal Reflections”. Personal Reflections is a national chain of personal care and household products. Tricia moved from Illinois with her fiancé to Sioux City, Iowa. Tricia has a bachelors in Accounting, but decided she wanted to do something different. She saw the position for assistant director and Personal Reflections and applied. She was hired with under the director Heather Munson. Assistant directors were scheduled in 9-hour shifts there were three assistant directors who could potentially all be working at the same time along with part-time as well as seasonal employees. Tricia worked under Heather Munson clashed from the…show more content…
She also needs to change her interpersonal skills; she needs to be more assertive, yet not aggressive. Yet Tricia’s skills of organizing the store and creating contests for the co-workers are great leadership. Finding of Fact #3: Tricia was just thrown into the position of store director without any real training, and basically went out on a limb with what she knew, while finding that the work she did was about the same income as a an assistant store director, that has fewer responsibilities, while she nurtures and caters to her needs. Recommendation #3: I believe that Tricia should speak with her Associate director and see what their pay scale is. Is there some type of band system, or is it based on seniority. What are all the factors that play into the role? She should also ask her Associate Director what she should do if she believes that one assistant is getting paid more than another, but the one that is getting paid less is far more competent and deserves to have a pay

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