'a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective'. Discuss.

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'A personalised induction will always be more effective'. Discuss. When undergoing hypnosis, an induction is required to ensure that the subject is sufficiently relaxed to experience the process fully. The form which this induction takes may be dependent on the hypnotist used, or the type of hypnosis being undertaken. Some hypnotists will rely on a standard format for all inductees, whilst others advocate the use of personalised scripts tailored to each client. Whether this is a more effective method and produces better results for those undergoing hypnosis is a question open to debate. Hypnosis is widely used in therapy for a number of reasons. The promotion of hypnosis as a cure for weight loss, smoking, exam nerves and other such…show more content…
Time is an additional factor as to why a personalised approach is not always the most effective method. A personalised approach relies on the hypnotherapist having sufficient time to analyse and find out the finer details of the clients personality and interests, and then produce the appropriate induction. Where a hypnotherapist is only meeting with a client for a single or group session this is impractical, and a generic approach is the only feasible option. In addition to the above points, it could be argued that not everyone is equally susceptible to the process of hypnosis, and this in itself is the key to whether an induction is successful (Heap and Dryden 1991). Also, individuals with a profound desire or belief that they will be hypnotised may find that this expectancy ensures that they will undergo a successful experience regardless of the type of induction used, thus a personalised approach in this instance may be of no extra benefit to the practitioner and client alike (Heap and Dryden 1991). Despite the many arguments against induction personalisation, there is much evidence to substantiate its effectiveness. Many therapists believe that effective therapy relies on recognising and embracing individuality, with Erikson stating that 'everyone is hypnotizable' if the techniques applied are adapted to the individual. Karle and and Boys (1987 205) state that 'human beings differ at
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