“a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective”. Discuss.

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“A personalised induction will always be more effective”. Discuss.
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There are many factors involved in an induction session which include aspects such as belief, relaxation, compliance, imagination and selective attention. In order to be able to demonstrate whether personalising an induction is always more effective I will need to discuss the different types of modalities, induction styles and the methods used in which to tailor a screed to meet the particular needs of the client.

By having a good understanding of modalities, hypnotherapists are able to personalise screeds specifically to the individual. When a client’s modality is ascertained it is then possible to talk to them in a way that they feel most
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Language cues may be; that sounds good... I hear what you are saying... and listen to your body...

When a person is thinking in auditory mode their eyes may move to the left or right. If they move to the right then they may be imaging or rehearsing a sound and if they move to the left they are remembering a sound. Auditory people will have a melodic voice and are often of medium build with rhythmic body movements (Chrysalis, 2010).

By recognising these modalities and incorporating them into their inductions, hypnotherapists are then able to personalise screeds to suit their clients’ individual needs. By compounding all of these senses into a single screed this will ultimately allow the hypnotherapist to achieve the most effective deep hypnotic state necessary.

Evidence suggests that body language usually makes up 55% of the given message with only 7% making up come communication and 38% making up tone and volume. Using modalities therefore allows the hypnotherapist to deliver messages and suggestions in structured words’ which is essential as the use of body language is not an option when their client’s eyes are closed.

There are broadly two different styles of hypnosis used today. They are the authoritarian direct approach and the permissive indirect approach. The authoritarian approach to hypnotherapy was a technique developed by the late Dave Elman who practiced and taught this style of hypnosis until his
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