a family affair

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“Mama, what do you mean my uncle is really my father?!” Kendra Flannigan shrieked in the hospital waiting room. Her hazel eyes were wide with shock. Her loud voice could be heard echoing in the quiet corridors nearby. Her fair cheeks were bright red with emotion. “Keep your voice down,” Reeka Flannigan hissed through clenched teeth, showing that feisty side of her that most people only saw in the courtroom. The esteemed New York lawyer looked anxiously at the door, hoping that all of their other relatives were long gone by now. The hospital had been overwhelmed by Flannigan family and friends all week. They’d come to say tearful goodbyes to Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Flannigan, who was not expected to make it into next week after a bad skiing…show more content…
“We swore each other to secrecy and agreed to end our romance out of respect for our parents’ happiness,” Reeka replied. Her own hazel eyes filled with tears as her mocha cheeks deepened in color from the painful memories she had invoked. “That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. But what else were we to do? Our parents were so happy and fulfilled together after years of loneliness and stark misery. Plus, Kenny and I figured that since we were so young, we would have plenty of other opportunities to find true love again.” “But you never did, did you?” Kendra asked softly, unable to recall a single person that either parent had even thought to settle down with over the years. They had barely even dated anyone else. Now Kendra knew why. “No, we didn’t. Some kinds of loves only come around once.” Reeka blinked back tears after a few deep breaths of her own. “Anyway, Kenny and I ended up having to tell our parents the truth eventually.” “When you turned up pregnant with me?” “No.” Reeka shook her head. “When you came out bearing too many Flannigan features. That sandy hair of yours was way too close to their blond locks and your coloring was way too fair to be the child of the fictional black man that I lied to everyone about. Yet it was your twelve toes that alerted your grandfather to your true paternity.” “I was born with twelve toes?!” A wide-eyed Kendra looked down at her feet, staring
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