a feasibility study in tilapia longganisa

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In today’s world, innovation of products is a fast rising industry. Producers or manufacturers always finds new product to introduce to the market. And the market in return would like today’s new trends which gives entrepreneurs more chance of having good business through the new product they innovates. Processed foods like hotdog, tocino, longganisa and alike are into innovations. Before we are aware that a longganisa is ground pork flavoured and packed into the skin of a pig’s intestines. But today, every region in the Philippines had their own versions of longganisa like the Vigan longganisa, Lucban longganisa, longganisang Calumpit and many more. Also, today we have skinless longganisa, smoked lingganisa, and
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2 What is the return of investment?
3 What is the financial status of the business operation after 5 years?
4 What are the expected expenses that the business will incur before and after the operation?
5 How much is the projected income?

Socio-Economic Aspect
1 How can the business contribute to the welfare of the society?
2 How can the business contribute to the economy?
3 What can the business contribute to the growth of the municipality of Macabebe?

Objective of the study The aim objective of the study is to determine the viability of Manufacturing Sweet Skinless tilapia Longganisa in Hagonoy, Bulacan.
Marketing Aspect This portion seeks to determine the following:
1 The marketing strategies to be used by the business to promote the product.
2 The target market of the business.
3 The expected volume of Sales.
4 The projected demand and supply as well as the market share of manufacturing mango seed toothpaste.

Management Aspect This aspect aims to know:
1 The type of business organization that best suits the business.
2 Distribution of duties and responsibilities.
3 The organization chart that will be applied.
4 The human resource that the business will need.
5 The salary and other benefits that can be given to the employees.

Technical Aspect This aspect seeks to find:
1 The supplier of the raw materials needed for the product.
2 The waste disposed that the business will adopt.
3 The process of manufacturing the product
4 The utilities to

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