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Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment. 1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development The function of assessment in learning and development is primarily to provide a measure of the students progress. Assessment is carried out through formative (checks throughout the course), passive (to test against previous marks), and/ or summative (at end of course) activities to help the learner see their development whilst allowing the Assessor to give valuable feedback when appropriate. Its purpose is to measure the learners understanding of the subject against the anticipated outcomes set by the criteria. For example, assessment provides clear measurement and recording of…show more content…
Validity – Decisions must be justified with clear referencing of assessment criteria stated by the examining body. Another Lecturer should be able to award the same grade for the piece of work as the same standardisation method is the barometer NOT the opinion of the assessor. Safety – Assessment methods must be suitable for the candidates needs. For example, a learner must have an option for an alternative whereby a mental or physical threat to their well-being could be presented by the assessment. Students prone to stress/ anxiety attacks during group presentations can be given Vlog, Podcast, or 1-1 alternatives. Risk assessments of locations my media students film in serve both to extend the learners understanding of health and safety whilst helping them help me make our learning space everyone’s responsibility. Negotiation with learners to differentiated methods is a useful way to help the learner feel safer in their assessment by managing suitable alternatives to the candidate needs. The key being to identify specific assessment requirements and acting accordingly whilst maintaining that the learners well being is the most important factor. Purpose The aim, reason, and purpose of assessment are to help the learner track their progress, provide feedback, and inspire
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