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Assignment 01 Part 1: Using no more than 250 words, write a description of the object depicted in Figures 1 and 2 The Red Figure Caylx-Krater is 45.72cm in height, with handles on either side indicating that the object is intended for holding; therefore the object could be used for drinking from or perhaps pouring from. The object is black with terracotta decoration; it is decorated around the top with a pattern that continues all the way around. There is also a repeating pattern of small squares of crosses and swirls, which is situated towards the lower part of the object, between the handles on both sides. In figure 1 between the two patterns is the largest part of the object; it had been decorated with a man in the centre who is…show more content…
The artist would then decorate the pot by firstly creating an outline of their image with a sharp tool and then painting with a clay slip; this is a watery clay substance. The clay slip would have been painted to this entire object, but only the outlines of the images, in order for the images to remain terracotta. The object would then have been placed into a kiln, it would have been fired to ensure the object turned a bright terracotta “the pots were heated in the kiln, and oxygen combined with iron in the clay to turn the whole pot a reddish colour” (Hughes and Perkins, 2012 Approaches, pg 166) the next stage would be that the potter closes the vents on the kiln to cut the supply of oxygen and turn the whole object black, also the increase in temperature would make the clay slip harden and become shiny. Then the potter would open the vents to reintroduce oxygen again, the object would then turn back to terracotta, apart from the hardened, shiny slip. Around the time this Calyx- Krater would have been created, in Greece objects like this would have been used for liquids such as wine, water or oil, it may have been used to pour from or to drink from. This object could have been used at festivals, gatherings or celebrations, but equally may have been used for many other purposes, just like we use many modern objects today such as a decorative vase today, may be used for flowers, but could also be used as an

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