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Running Header: Bipolar Life Bipolar Abstract This project will look at the character, Dr. Kay Jamison, from the autobiography, “An Unquiet Mind.” It summarizes the whole book which is based on her life experiences while dealing with bipolar. It describes how she was diagnosed with the disorder. This project discuss symptoms, causes, and treatments. It will talk about the defense mechanisms that Dr. Kay Jamison most commonly used, rationalization and sublimation. The theoretical perspectives that were used to describe her disorder were the humanistic and the psychodynamic approach. Kay learned to deal with her disorder and took…show more content…
The drug seemed to almost make her feel like she was in a drunken state. At times, Kay wrongly felt like she could stop taking the Lithium and she was the exception that could have a normal life without it. But when she stopped, her manic-depressive condition came back even stronger. It was at this time she attempted suicide. Kay felt as if she was a burden for her friends and family staying alive in her condition. She recovered from this attempt and came to terms with the realization she would have to continue this medication for the rest of her life. At this time, she discovered that her condition was hereditary and that three generations of family members had it. It was very difficult being in the psychiatry field and to confide with others about her condition. As for professional reasons, she was concerned about the perception that her colleagues would view her as weak and she wanted the respect of her peers. She was also concerned that exposing her illness would jeopardize her ability to obtain a medical license and be able to treat patients. She expressed concern about exposing her illness to perspective employers and whether they would hire her. Dr. Jamison reflects in her book that despite struggling with her illness, this was a success story. She recognized the need to take medications to control

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