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The actual definition of an adolescent psychiatrist “is a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy who specializes in the diagnosis and, if indicated, the treatment of disorders of thinking, feeling, and/or behavior affecting children, adolescents, and their families.”      For someone to become an adolescent psychiatrist it takes on average nine to ten years of special training and schooling. It requires graduating from high school, then going to college and getting a bachelors degree in either art or science, then four years of medical school, with a year of interning, followed by three years of training at a resident level in medicine and neurology, and then two years of college dealing with…show more content…
Most of the time adolescent psychiatrist that have their practice at a college usually don’t charge a great amount of money an hour or a session because they realize that the students can’t afford to go anywhere else. Another place is a privately owned practice, it is also one of the most common fields for adolescent psychiatry, because an adolescent psychiatrist can have a more of a one on one relationship with the patient and get to know the case and situation in a more in depth level. In juvenile courts is another place where adolescent psychiatrist are needed. They are needed to try and to help keep them to stay mentally stable and calm before they go to court. There is a great shortage of psychiatrist in juvenile courts because a lot of people do not want to get involve in the cases and they don’t want to deal with the stress or the intensity of it all. Adolescent psychiatrist are also needed in clinics, but most people do not want to work in an environment that deals with what people call the “low lives” of the world, or where they wont get paid very much.      There are many needs for an adolescent psychiatrists. One of the reasons is to try and to help adolescents who have a chemical imbalance and try to find out what kind of chemical balance that they may have so one can diagnose it properly and give the proper diagnoses and 2. give the proper medicine to
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