adult-child interaction

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Universiti Sains Malaysia GTP 101/3: Child Language Development Assignment: Essay’s review regarding “The observation of adult-child interaction” Name: Farah Sharizah binti Azri Course: Speech Pathology Date of submission: 15th December 2013 During this semester, we were required to make an observation on the adult-child interaction. This review essay will explain briefly about the interaction occurred, feedback from both parties and the significant of theory in child language development. Therefore, on 4th November 2013, I had an observation at an early childhood center, SMART LITTLE BEE in Putrajaya. Smart Little Bee is not just an ordinary childhood center, the founder Miss Nor Julia bt Mohammad Nor tried to…show more content…
During my observation, the theme for that week is BALL, Miss Julia explained particularly through a ball we can teach the children in physical, emotional and cognitive thinking aspects. There were different themes for each week, as an example is an apple, shoes and many more. The activities done help children to improve their skills related to everyday living such as toilet training and tied the shoes lace. Lastly, concept of auto-education in children those are capable of educating themselves through appropriate materials and activities. It is facilitative language input and behavior where educators avoid using directiveness which contain less facilitative features. Early in the morning when their parents deliver their children, Miss Julia will let the children to play whatever they want to play. After having their breakfast, the activity began at 10 o’clock. During the session, Miss Julia asked them to pick up all the toys by saying “okay kids, it is time to do activity pick up the toys and make a circle” in a rhythmic way like a song. The kids pick up their toys to where it was belong while singing along with Miss Julia the “pick-up” song. This routine had implanted in their memory motor to reflect whenever Miss Julia sing the song and how anyone would imagine that picking up the toys could be this fun? After they done, Miss Julia sit on a small chair with the kids in a circle, using low tone voice like whispering Miss Julia asked the children
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