advabtages and disadvantages of electronic media

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ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA: Electronic Media is a rich resource of services, supplies, creative and innovative solutions to everyday domestic and professional demands. We are living in the era of electronic media. None can avoid and escape from it. It is prevailing profound effects on advertisement, education, information, politics and other social activities. If we look around us what is there that is impossible to? It is none other than this electronic media that has made our life far more comfortable and luxurious. Obviously this enhancement in technology would have its banes and boons as well. As far as the advantages of this advancement is concerned so they are outnumbered. Electronic media has granted…show more content…
This social network is also one of a great source of electronic media it not only connects us to several peoples but also helps in advertising or much social and political news are also conveyed to us. The international politics are greatly influenced by the electronic media. Nothing in this world is ideal or perfect therefore when this bestowment of science has provided us with its advantages it surely has several disadvantages in it as well. No doubt it’s a source of entertainment but people are rather waisting a lot of their precious time through this. Internet the greatest help of us today is also a good help to huge number of frauds and theft on internet. One’s personal account can be hacked and their personal details can be viewed which is obviously dangerous and ofcourse no one would want that to happen with them. Research evidence has accumulated over the past half-century that exposure to violence on television, movies, and most recently in video games increases the risk of violent behavior on the viewer’s part just as growing up in an environment filled with real violence increases the risk of violent behavior. Furthermore there is huge amount of contents of vulgarity either in form of such vulgar games or in form of such software, CD’s or websites which can lead to crimes and bad mentality of

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