Stereotypes Of The Elderly

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Modern society view’s aging as a form of sickness and the elderly as persons who are closer to dying and death. This is what is often portrayed in our mass and social media. When considering issues of aging sociologists have found that more positive characteristics are often said for persons under sixty five years than for over sixty five years. For instance , growth and development, beauty, good health, happiness are more likely to be listed as characteristics of being under sixty five years, whereas decline health, loneliness undesired physical appearance are likely to be listed for person’s over sixty five years. According to the Centre of Confidence and well being (n.d) reports stereotypes of the elderly as being needy,…show more content…
Post-menopausal women in these societies usually experience greater sexual freedom, the right to participate in ritual, the right to participate in the political realm of the society, and a decrease in the amount of work required in the home. With regard to work, the older woman is expected to be leisured.
The cross-cultural differences in attitudes towards the aged may in part be due to different societal perspectives. In most western cultures the elderly today are hardly regarded with religious awe or reverence. They have become virtual outcasts of society, many living on the fringe, often in retirement communities or in nursing homes. William Withers states that “modern cultures have coped with the death of the aged, minimizing its disruptiveness, by disengaging the elderly from the vital functions of society” (518). In most modern society, emphasis and value are placed on youth, with advertising geared toward and glamorizing the young. In the entertainment industry which has a big influence on culture aging is seen as a shameful thing when in reality it’s a natural process. Aging gracefully is a thing of the past when there is pressure to stay young with technological advances by performing invasive cosmetic surgeries to fight the aging process and different types of ageing products. Aging in today’s society is seen more as a disease than a natural process. The elderly are victims of mistaken beliefs and irrational attitudes
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