alcoholism in spokane indian

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Alcohol has always been one of the most profitable industries in the business world. More than $400 billion worth of alcohol purchased in the US alone in 2013 according to an economic website. Alcohol is a common figure where it can be easily spot in every household to grand restaurants, however, it is a huge factor contributed to the death rate each year. It has ruined an innumerable number of people lives due to excessive drinking or affect by an alcoholic person. In his book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, Sherman Alexie emphasizes how significance alcohol can affect a teenager life, where Junior, the main protagonist has lost 3 family members because of alcohol. He shows that alcoholic should not be taken as a…show more content…
And plenty of drunken Indians have killed other drunken Indians” (158). Junior’s grandmother was struck and killed by a drunk driver. It’s also states out the fact that many Indians when they get drunk can kill another person without notice what they have done is wrong. The fact that Junior’s grandmother should died because of the old age is more suitable and acceptable than being hit by a drunk driver. Accidents are not intentional, however, the criminal try to get as drunk as possible and his unconsciousness has lead to this unfortunate scenery. Spokane Indians such as Gerald, the drunken driver, only thinks that it doesn’t matter how much alcohol they drink, as long as they can take themselves home safely. However, the consequence of their action may result the death of many innocent victims who should enjoy the rest of their life, instead of burying under the ground .It claims that one drunken person can kill another person or maybe a group of people if there is a car accident. In this article Denise Martinez-Ramundo, talks about what she saw on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She talks about how much and how severe the alcohol abuse is on the reservation. She says that children as young as five or six years old have had alcoholic drinks. She also gives us the staggering statistic that 80-90% of adults on the Reservation have severe alcohol abuse problems. Lining the streets of the Pine Ridge
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