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Financial Forecasting: Riverview Community Hospital Alpine Village Clinic is a small walk-in clinic located next to the primary ski area of Alpine Village, a winter resort close to Aspen, Colorado. The clinic specializes in treating injuries sustained while skiing. It is owned and operated by two physicians: James Peterson, an orthopedist, and Amanda Cook, an internist (Gapenski and Pink, 2009). The clinic has an outside accountant who takes care of payroll matters, but Dr. Cook does all the other financial work for the clinic. However, to help in that task, the clinic recently hired a part-time MBA student, Doug Washington. First Bank of Aspen is the primary lender of Alpine Village and due to a forecasted reduction…show more content…
Daily billings are 20%, 20%, 60% collection based monthly and the lease payment is made on the first of the month (Gapenski and Pink, 2009). Variable medical costs at the clinic are assumed to consist entirely of medical and administrative supplies. These supplies, which are estimated to cost 15 percent of billings, are purchased two months before expected usage. On average, the clinic pays about half of its suppliers in the month of purchase and the other half in the following month (Gapenski and Pink, 2009). Clinical labor costs are the primary expense of the clinic. During the high season (December through March), these costs run $150,000 a month, but some of the clinical staff work only seasonally, so clinical labor costs drop to $120,000 a month in the remaining months (Gapenski and Pink, 2009). The clinic pays fixed general and administrative expenses, including clerical labor, of approximately $30,000 a month, while lease obligations amount to $12,000 per month. These expenditures are expected to continue at the same level throughout the forecast period. The clinic’s miscellaneous expenses are estimated to be $10,000 monthly. The clinic has a semi-annual, five-year, 10 percent, $500,000 term loan outstanding with First Bank. Payments of $64,752 are due on March 15 and September 15. Also, the clinic is planning to replace an old x-ray machine in February with a new one that costs $125,000
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