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Congress members ' websites compare and contrast in many ways. Each and every one of their websites are very formal, yet can be politically different depending on whose you view. For instance, when viewing a democratic congressman 's website its further on the left side of the political spectrum. Whereas a republican 's website would be on the far right of the spectrum. After viewing the websites of Congressmen Mark Kirk, John Boozman, and Danny K. Davis, it is clear that they disagree on important issues and have different ways of interpreting information to the public. Congressman Mark Kirk 's website is the most eye appealing to its viewers. His information is the most organized out of the three congressman chosen and is…show more content…
He uses research in order to get his point across and it shows that he does know what he is talking about. When Congressman Davis speaks about Senior Issues he uses percentages and history in order to back up his political opinion. He states that “three fourths of the African American seniors rely on social security for at least half their income.” He also bashes the Bush Administration to back up his opinion. He talks about the future of social security and where it might end up. Using trustees opinions it states that it will never be solved and the African American community will never get out of the poverty they are in. Congressman Boozman is a very strong believer in the second amendment. He states, “These are the words to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and words that I have taken an oath to uphold.” He doesn 't provide too much information just his opinions on the issue. However, he does show his support on the issues by listing the committees and groups he is involved in, in order to keep the second amendment rights. He has introduced the Secure Access to Firearms Enhancement in the 111th Congress, which allows citizens to carry their firearms across the country. All three congressmen provide their personal information to their constituents. Each congressmen has a tab that leads you to their personal biographies. Both congressman Kirk and Boozman have a tab named
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