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When did American Literature begin?      -with the Native Americans Three dominant characteristics/themes of Native American Literature?      1. Relationship with the land      2. Belief in the Great Manito      3. Use of natural images How did Columbus describe the New World?      -astonishing, colorful, marvelous speed of the canoes, a paradise Identify:      -Bay Psalm Book: first book published in America      -manito: spiritual forces      -Walum Olum: painted record      -allusion: reference to something…show more content…
How are they particularly American?      -natural wilderness (setting) revolution (great human experience) Study the aphorisms from Poor Richard's Almanack. What does each mean? How does Henry use allusions in his speech? What effect does it have?      -Biblical(meaningful), flattering for them to be compared to the Isralites. Define and identify the value of each:      Repetition: saying some things over and over; memorable, force      Rhetorical question: assumes audience knows answer; confidence , show sarcasm, connect with audience      Improvisation: speech with no previous thought; forceful Explain the connection between the location and the roles each tribe and the image of a long house.      - Connection between the Social Contract Theory and the Declaration of Independence?      -Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence based on the idea of the Social Contract theory Where was Bartram from? Where does the example from ‘Travels' take place?      -from Philadelphia; it comes from eastern Florida What value does a reading like ‘Travels' have for us today? Historical, scientific, entertainment?      -the
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