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Family Assessment
Casey Schuler
Bemidji State University

Family Description
The family discussed in this paper is a blended family. Included is a stepfather (SK), age 50, a mother (LS), age 48, and three children (TS, MS, LS), whose ages are 26, 21 and 18 respectively. The mother is the biological parent of all three children from a previous marriage which ended in divorce from alcoholism in her spouse. The spouse and biological father (GS) has a distant relationship with the children and does not live close. The stepfather also has a child from a previous marriage who was adopted by his uncle and aunt. SK’s previous wife (PK) and youngest child (JK) from that marriage are deceased after an automobile accident. The K family
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The father is the step-father of the three children and the relationship to them is mixed. The father and mother act as the family’s head and decision makers.
Two of the children have moved from the home and are no longer supported by the stepfather and mother. The eldest daughter lives in the home and is currently dependent on the mother and father for direction and assistance in caring for and raising the newborn. The father of the newborn is not in a relationship with the biological mother. He also helps to care for the child through joint custody and financial support. The son is the oldest child and is active in his own life and career but assists the family regularly by helping maintain his family’s home and property or at the step father’s business. He is not married. The youngest daughter has distanced herself and maintains minimal contact with the family. She is said to be less accepting of the new marriage of her mother to her stepfather. She maintains a monogamous homosexual relationship with her partner.
Two dogs and a cat also live with the family. The dogs are large outdoor dogs which require little care and attention but consume large amounts of food on a monthly basis. It can at times be difficult to afford large quantities of food for them which is often afforded by the mother’s part-time earnings. The cat lives indoors and is approaching eleven years of age. There is a strong emotional attachment to the animals and they are considered
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