amylase lab report

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Maryely Ramirez
Professor Theresa Sterner
Bio Lab 105
04 November 2013

The Effects Environmental Temperature and pH have on the Activity of Porcine Pancreatic Amylase
There are many types of enzymes and each has a specific job. Enzymes are particular types of proteins that help to speed up some reactions, such as reactants going to products. One of them is the amylase enzyme. Amylases are found in saliva, and pancreatic secretions of the small intestine. The function of amylase is to break down big molecules of starch into small molecules like glucose; this process is called hydrolysis. Enzymes are very specific; for example, amylase is the only enzyme that will break down starch. It is similar to the theory of the lock
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Experiment #2: Investigating the Effect of Environmental pH on the Activity of Porcine Pancreatic Amylase
Materials and Methods
Amylase experiment # 2 was done to see how the pH affected the efficacy of the enzyme. First we collected all of the materials that were necessary to make this experiment. We needed five clean test tubes, the following standard solutions, 1% Starch Solution pH 3,1% Starch Solution pH 5,1% Starch Solution pH 7,1% Starch Solution pH 9,1% Starch Solution pH 11
0.0375 mg/ml Porcine Pancreatic Amylase Solution (amylase powder in 0.9% NaCl ), Iodine Solution; each solution were pipetted into each of the 5 test tubes with 5 ml of 1% starch. Each tube contained a 1% starch solution with a different pH. All tubes were at room temperature. Room temperature was 22C. 0.2 ml of porcine pancreatic amylase solution was then pipetted into each tube. A timer was started and every 3minutes the starch / amylase mixture were pipetted from each tube and pipetted into the spot plate for every sample tube, then the iodine solution were added to a spot plate cell for each sample. Iodine reacts with starch to change from yellow to deep blue /black in the presence of starch. A lightening of the blue/ black to a brown color will occur as less starch is present. Results were reported as (+) for presence of starch in the sample or (–) for the absence of starch. After every three minute increment had passed, these same
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