“an Idle Mind Is the Devil’s Workshop”

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“An Idle Mind Is the Devil’s Workshop”
-H.G. Bohns 1855 Today’s teenagers are faced with many temptations that can lead to a deal of trouble. Parents are always looking to find ways to better their teen’s chances of avoiding these temptations. After school activities are seen as a way to keep teens out of trouble by consuming their time. Sports are a great way to keep teens from indulging in activities that could be looked down on. Not only do sports teach many life lessons and reduce teen’s chances of getting into trouble, but they also help reduce health and obesity troubles by keeping them active. In today’s society, a two-income family is more common than times of the past. With both parents working, this leaves a time in most
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From boxing to horseback riding, there are a number of activities at their reach. Boxing, or even some kind of karate, is an ideal sport for the more aggressive teen. These environments provide a safe and supervised place for these teens to release their emotions. Taking these classes will often enable them to better control their aggression and get to know their own bodies. Hockey is a sport that’s not easily picked up on, but the challenge will take time and effort. With a sport like hockey, the teen will have to dedicate much of their free time to picking up teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. Another sport that consumes a lot of time would be gymnastics. Having to learn different routines, techniques, and having to work out on top of that, teens will find their schedules pretty full (Eshoff1). These are just a few sports that teens can enroll in. The good thing about sports, if a teen likes it, he or she will happily dedicate their time to these programs. Sports act as a source of supervision, which keeps teens out of trouble when their parents can’t, but they also have many other benefits. Having a coach will give the teen an adult icon, other than their parents, to help discipline and guide them through their teenage years. Being a part of a team will help the teen develop socially also. Most times when a teen joins a team, they are surrounded by people with a common interest. This interest leads to

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