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Brandt Garner Prof. Beurtheret History 1700 Document Analysis Articles of Capitulation The Articles Of Capitulation was written on July 3rd, 1754 at 8pm, in an area in present day Western Pennsylvania. This area was known at the time as the Ohio Valley and was an area that was in dispute by the French and English. French Canadian military Captain, Louis Coulon de Villers, composed the Articles Of Capitulation. This document was written in the aftermath of a short one-day battle, in which Coulon had surrounded Washington’s Fort Necessity, and subsequently asked for the surrender of the Virginian troops led by George Washington. Although Washington agreed to the terms of this peaceful surrender, the document was written in French and…show more content…
Amongst those killed was M. de Jumonville, the commander.” (Washington) “Jacob Van Braam and Robert Stobo, both Captains shall be delivered to us as hostages until the arrival our French and Canadians, the two officers who promise us our French in two months and a half at the latest.” While Robert Stobo, a captain in the Virginia militia was a captive in Fort Duquesne, he drew a scale map of the Fort and wrote a letter on the back a letter saying, “When we engaged to serve the country,” then he said, “it was expected we were to do it with our lives. Let them not be disappointed. Consider the good of the expedition without the least regard to us. For my part, I would die ten thousand deaths to have the pleasure of possessing this fort but one day, they are so vain of their success at [Fort Necessity], ‘tis worse than death to hear them.”(Stobo) The letter eventually made it to the English forces. He was later convicted of spying after this paper fell into French hands and later the French cited it as evidence of British aggression towards them in the Ohio Valley. He sentenced to a death in Quebec, but then escaped and re-joined the English forces. (Alberts) The French held Jacob Van Braam captive until September of
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