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Analysis of the story “Can-Can’’ by Arturo Vivante.
The story under the title “Can-Can” was written by Arturo Vivante. He was born in Rome and got a medical education but left his medical practice in the mid – 1950 when his short stories began to be published. Though Vivante writes in English and has lived in America for much of the last 35 years, his Italian heritage has an undeniable presence in his fiction. His short stories often are read like reflections or memories of a distant and foreign past that a reader cannot help but link to the life of the transplanted author himself.
The story “Can-Can”
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May be he is in the search of muse that will inspire him for new creative labors and it has incited him to the faithlessness. He can’t derive inspiration from his wife any more, she is an endured image for him and he can’t draw nothing new from her, and that why he resolves to such an act. But that dance has ruined all his plans, has frustrated all his tensions, has overturned all his conceptions. Even being with his mistress the man can’t efface the image of his wife who has revealed absolutely in new light. Here can be pointed out quite ironical moment: when Sarah comes she finds the man in thoughtful condition. Firstly she becomes quite upset as she assumes that the man thinks of his wife. But after the man says that he thinks of somebody doing can-can Sarah feels relief saying “I was afraid you were thinking of your wife”.
In the story “Can-Can” we can observe the clash of two types of women. The wife is a householder with children, that all day long is busy with sewing and washing and the mistress is a kind of serious businesswoman. Talking about a wife we should point out that she is fairly a wise woman. Being jealous, she doesn’t show it her husband and remains quiet and funny. We can see that she loves her husband as any woman does, she feels safer with him at home and the husband in his turn helps her with looking after the children. This woman is

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