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English Composition 2
Essay 1 – Analyze the favorite Poem
Due date 10/19/2013 (Final)

The secret of the machines (by Rudyard Kipling) Each person has a different worldview. Technology can bring many benefits and convenience to our life. However, these conveniences are not unlimited. In other hand, it makes us become dependent. There is nothing better than our own. Many authors have shown that vision through poetry and writing. And the poem “The secret of the machines” by Rudyard Kipling is not out of that topic. First, this poem “The secret of the Machines” were wrote by Rudyard Kipling quite long poem. He opted for a many poetic stanza long to describe the images as well as his feelings. The poem divides eight stanzas.
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They could help us replace human landscape as “make the mountains bare their head”, or “turn a river in its bed” or “To work the mills and tramways in your town, And irrigate your orchards as it flows?” It is easy! Give us dynamite and drills! Watch the iron-shouldered rocks lie down and quake, As the thirsty desert-level floods and fills, And the valley we have dammed becomes a lake.”
People use machines to dry the lake, or even flood the valley to their specific needs. But the machine is still a machine. The poet used the words "But remember, please" at the top of the seventh stanza makes the reader startled moment while still watching the line up of the machine’s use in the stanzas on. Machines can only be set up and position it in the process. Machines operated by the process. Machinery is insensitive things without emotion. And they will be dangerous if “If you make a slip in handling us you die”. Not only that, I was really impressed with verses “We are greater than the Peoples or the Kings- We are everything on earth--except The Gods!”. Until to this stanza, the author means to convey through the poem is clear. He affirmed that the human is a miracle of life “We are nothing more than children of your brain!”. In other hands the machines help us a lot in life’s activities. It solves a lot of problems that sometimes we can’t
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