analyze the role of managers

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A business is nothing without its required key players being the managers and upper management staff. There is a massive role that these people play in the industry. There are various levels in the chain of command. There are executive level management, Directors and managers that are for the most part the lowest ranking of managers. Some organizations have positions as team leader that are also included in the management staff. When we get in to the topic of management and their functional areas in business we are referring to those at an upper management level. The main drive or task these mangers uphold is to make sure that the goals and company vision is achieved. This is…show more content…
One important factor in the role in the manager is the ability to remain in the role. As important as it is to have any great quality as a manager; it is equally important for the organization to accept the manager in their role. There are many conclusions or even perceptions that members of an organization may have depending on the idea of a manager’s role continuance. Does the manager position have a high turnover rate? Are the duties and the roles of the manager constantly changing? These can all have an impact on employee morale, and organizational integrity alike. With the advent of social media, word can spread very quickly about role continuance, or any of these factors. If the role of a manager is diminished in any capacity, whether it is leadership, operations, coaching, striving for effectiveness, or role continuance is perceived to be either positive or negative, this can have a substantial effect on how people view an organization. For this reason, it is very important that people pay close attention to the roles of manager within a business.
We have analyzed the functional roles of a manager in the business area. We have defined all the roles a manager/leader plays in an organization. How the manager is the key player of it all and the importance of his position is to the success of the organization. There is just one finally aspect to discuss the importance of continuance. A manager may continue in their position but
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