and then there were none

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1. Discuss the role of the poem “Ten Little Indians” in And Then There Were None. Why does the murderer choose to follow the poem so closely? What effect does this have on the characters A: The “Ten Little Indians” rhyme guides the progression of the novel. The singsong, childish verses tell the story of the deaths of ten Indian boys and end with the line that gives the novel its title: “and then there were none.” A framed copy of the rhyme hangs in every bedroom, and ten small Indian figures sit on the dining-room table. The murders are carried out to match, as closely as possible, the lines in the poem, and after each murder, one of the figures vanishes from the dining room. The overall effect is one of almost supernatural inevitability;…show more content…
A: The alliances were: Armstrong/Wargrave Lombard/Claythorne The Armstrong /Wargrave alliance was partially dictated by the fact that they saw each other as "men of reason", one being a doctor and the other a retired judge. They were educated, professional men who were connected with positions of power in normal society, so it stood to reason that the two of them would gravitate toward one another. Of course, Wargrave's OTHER intention was much more sinister, in the sense that he was using Armstrong to help him enact his diabolical plans. As far as Claythorne and Lombard are concerned, they are, arguably, the "protagonists" in the story. There is some romantic attraction between the two of them, so that inititates the alliance. The alliance is strengthened by the fact that they begin to trust each other; Chrsitie definitely portrays these two as the most likeable (and arguably, the most "innocent") of the ten characters, so it fits in with the natural arc of the story to have them allign together. 5. Discuss the order in which the characters die. Why do some live longer than others? Do you think this is this entirely by design? Does the murderer ever seem to lose control of the situation? A: If you consider this question from a moral standpoint, then it IS in the right category. Think of the biblical commandments: "You shall not murder." (Exodus 20:13 NIV) and "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Lev. 19:18 NIV). All of the characters in the
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