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Topic 1: Introduction to Anthropology and Culture
Kottak, questions from chapter 1, 13
DVD questions from chapters 1, 2, and 3

Kottak Chapter 1
1. What do you think is unique about anthropology: its holism or its comparative perspective? Can you think of other fields that holistic and/or comparative?
I think that holism is a unique part of anthropology because it’s the study of the whole human condition: the past, present, and the future. It’s also about the biology, society, language, and culture of the humans. I think it’s unique because it covers all the aspects of the human life. I think sociology is a field that is holistic because it deals with social relations, organizations, and behaviors.

2. What are some areas in
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One issue that has been hard to comprehend is the covering up of the face by the women in the Middle East. It’s very hot over there and if anything I would think they would want less clothes on their bodies.

DVD Chapter 1

1. How did the farming techniques of the Batak differ from those of their non Batak referred as “Christianos”?

Christianos used the slash and burn technique which is done to the surrounding forest. This farming technique is harmful to the environment even though it is faster and more efficient with it covering big kaingens. The Batak make small scattered kaingens without clearing all of the brush the farming method is not harmful to the environment.

2. For what specific reasons did Hariban Palawan, the conservationist group, want to work with Batak? Were the Batak immediately accepting of them?

The Hariban Palawan conservationist group wanted to work with the Batak so they can preserve the forest that was left. They shared the same goal but it took the Batak a long time to trust the conservationist group

3. One of the ways in which anthropology has broadened its horizons is by demonstrating the values that other people’s cultures and ways of life may have for the wider world. What can the Batak offer the world?

The Batak are able to offer the world a way to utilize resources without destroying them. In other words being more environmentally friendly.

DVD chapter
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