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Body Eugenia Kaw (Opening Eyes)- plastic surgery as a form of internalized colonialism. Cultural stereotypes on what is beautiful and what is not. Subconscious. Racist stereotypes they’re taking action on. Plastic surgery as form on internalized colonialism- look at Eugenia Kaw. Susan Bordo (The Slender Body) -look at consumption vs. accumulation and capitalist contradiction. Consumption vs. Accumulation -from Bordo’s article. “Tight” Bodies as Cultural Symbols of Morality/Self-Control- “I Enjoy Being a Girl” (music videos and women’s capitalist role as primary consumers and sexualized objects)- Emily Martin (The Egg and the Sperm)- Western Cultural Biases in Science- western science has frequently portrayed women’s sexual…show more content…
father. Pater -social/official father. Legal marital partner -husband/partner. *Kinship Charts: Eskimo: (lineal) nuclear family, same as U.S. aunts and uncles are called aunts and uncles. Cousins are cousins. Hawaiian: aunts and uncles are mother and father. All cousins are considered siblings. Iroquois: Cross-cousins => father’s sister’s & mother’s brother’s kids are cousins. Parallel cousins => mother’s sister’s kids are siblings. !Kung- have very strict rules regarding incest. Like mixing. Related through names. Bilateral- (biological kin) both mom and dad kin are related equally to children. Names—ppl have same name as a kin relation, will also be treated as family. Names come from ancestors. Incest Rules- can’t marry people w/in fictive and biological kin. Wi-Fictive Kin- (names- you are related to everyone and anyone that has same name of your bilateral kin) making people who aren’t part of Klan, part of Klan. Not biologically related. An older person may “wi” a younger person and this results in their becoming family. Wi” is like an adoption. Forbidden to marry that person! !Kung Marriage- usually find marriage partners from a far away band. By marrying far away, both family groups increase knowledge of resources. Exogamous—marry outside of the group. Some Endogamous—marry inside the social group. First marriage is arranged by

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