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U. S. Government Unit 8 – U.S. Domestic Policy Climate Change Policy – Who Should Lead? All levels of government are actively involved in many scientific and technological issues, such as climate change and man’s role in the condition of our environment. In this activity you will research climate change and view some federal, state, and local policies, as well as initiatives for private business. You then will be asked to decide who would be most effective in taking the lead in creating and implementing policies to reduce the human causes of climate change. Use the websites provided to answer the questions. Website are frequently updated, therefore you may need to use a seach engine such as Google to find some of the anwswers.…show more content…
5. What is the US Policy on International Cooperation? (Click on “International Partnerships”. It’s on the left hand side of the page.) What level of government directs our participation in the program? (2pts) EPA gathers various types of greenhouse gas emissions data, this data helps policy makers, businesses, and the Agency track greenhouse gas emissions trends and identify opportunities for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. 6. In your words, explain two programs the state you chose is trying to implement to address climate change. (4pts) Administered by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), the Schools and Local Government Program provides services to help public school districts, colleges, universities, and nonprofit hospitals establish and maintain energy efficiency programs through school partnerships, energy management training workshops, and direct energy-related services. Since 1998, campus space at the University of Texas-Austin has increased by over 2 million square feet and energy demand has increased by more than 8 percent. However, due to the university's continual investment in combined heat and power (CHP), fuel consumption since that time has increased by only 4 percent. 7. In your words, explain two programs the city you chose is trying to

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