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Arizona became the 48th state February 14, 1912. This state is very populated. It has over 5 million people. Arizona has something that is known as the four corners. One person can be in four states at one time. You can stand in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Arizona leads the nation in copper production. The amount of copper on the roof of the capitol building is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies. In 1953 after the copper mines closed there was as few as 50 people in Arizona.
The Palo verde is the official state tree. The name means green stick. It blooms yellow/gold in April or May. The cactus wren is Arizona’s state bird. This bird likes to build its nests in giant saquaro cactus so that it has protection. This bird
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Phoenix Arizona became Phoenix is 1866 because it supplied hay for camp McDowell.
The Grand Canyon Flaming Gorge got its name because the walls are red and orange and look likes flames. The grand canyon was formed by mostly water, ice and wind. Nobody really knows because the grand canyon is located in the desert. In the desert you don’t find much water or ice. The plants that grow in the Grand Canyon their roots are right below the soil because when it rains the roots have to get as much water as possible to grow. When it rains the water comes down in torrents, which also means violently rushing streams. It can move just about anything out of its way.
When this is happening it can take out cars, trucks, buses and sometimes-small houses. All this water flows down to the Colorado River. This is more like a fast flowing concrete because after all the raining and water flow the ground gets so hot that it just hardens into one block like concrete.
The second most destructive thing is ice. When it gets cold out especially towards the northern part of the Grand Canyon the rain seeps in between the rock and freezes. Once the water freezes the rocks split apart and causing the them to fall. The rocks fall down the mountainside hitting other rocks and whatever gets in the way. When this happens it causes the rocks to hit other rocks and have a wall of rocks come tumbling down. The rocks that are found here are
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