assess different psychological approaches to study

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Assess Different Psychological approaches to Study To be able to assess all five psychological approaches to study you need to understand what they are and how they work. All five approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses and they all have their own theories which explain human behaviour, the only problem is not all of them agree that their theories and studies are correct. The Behaviourist approach believe that human beings are able to learn all types of behaviours through the environment they grow up in, its believes that we learn these behaviours through using theories, such as, Ivan Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning and Burrhus Frederic Skinner’s Operant Conditioning. Both of which show that behaviour can be learnt by training…show more content…
The means of the experiment were to document his findings on the treatment of the little boy, the way Freud carried out the experiment was through the father of the boy; Max Graf who was a friend of Freud and also a supporter of Freud’s theories; sending letter to Freud of the conversations that took place between father and son plus the observations of the boys behaviour. The main problem with this study is that Freud had only met Hans on a few occasions which meant that the boy’s father was conducting the real treatment which was based on the replies Freud gave. The little Hans case study has supplied a large arrangement of Qualitative data which can be of use during determining the first moment in which the behaviour took place and to help the treatment of the abnormal behaviour. However with the special bone that was between the son and father was the key aspect of this study as it helped create a very detailed analysis take place. There are many issues with using case studies as it is very difficult to apply the results on a large group of individuals. This is due to the subject who was involved within the case study might not have the typical behaviours which are recognized within a group of individuals. Within this case study of Little Hans there are many doubts about it as Freud didn’t have a huge role in this case study. This is due to
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