, assess the contribution of feminist sociologists to an understanding of family roles and relationships.

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In this essay I will be talking about how feminist have contributed to our understanding of family roles and relationships. There are several different types of feminist theory, but all of them share certain characteristics in common; there is a fundamental division in society between men and women, that women are to some extent exploited by men and that society is male dominant or patriarchal this means “rule by the father” but is used by feminist to indicate that men have more power than women and the interest of men largely shapes how society is run. They believe that these theories are also critical of existing sociology arguing that it has a pro male bias. They call male-dominated sociology malestream sociology calming that most …show more content…
Ansley used the term of “shit takers” as the men arrive at home and talk or sometimes shout at their wife in order to release the stress from there days’ work while the woman has to take it and does not work visa versa; men sees this as there wife’s job. Lastly women can be reserved army of cheap labour at times of national crisis for example in the second world war when women went into factories and work in place of men, women are a reliable source to accept a job when is needed and are venerable enough to be asked to leave when they are not needed anymore this shows that women are just called to work when needed in extreme cases like the war. Marxist define society as Patriarchal, Solutions to Marxism are communist revolution or more economic equality to get rid of men’s financial power. The criticism of Marxism is that places too much emphasis on economic factors.
Another type of Feminist are radical feminist they also thing that society is controlled my men and that men are the only ones who benefit from the inequalities in societies. The believe that women are dominated by men due to biology and that women gave birth to them and they are more aggressive, stronger and violent and us this or Ideology (distorted beliefs) to control women. Radical Feminist believe that it has been built into the way society is structured that men are allowed to exploit and oppress women. They call this patriarchy they believe that abuse
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