assessing the occupational competence in the work enviroment

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Page 1. Outcome 3. (c, d)
Page 2. Outcome 3 continued & Outcome 4. (b)
Page 3-4. Outcome 4 (b) continued.
Page 5. (c, d)

Give examples of being able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when assessing occupational competence.

C. In carrying out assessment of occupational competence, I would ask myself:
How effective was my assessment and feedback?
Was there anything I didn’t anticipate?
How did I deal with it?
What went well?
What could I improve?
If I had to change anything what would I do differently?
I would ask the learner what they intend to do and how they are
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This would be a write up on underpinning questions when a range has not quite been met. This could also be a write up on a hair style that was achieved, explaining how they went about getting the achieved look.

Insufficient evidence – If a learner hands back their assignment but has not met the criteria covered, they would be told there was insufficient evidence to complete the assignment. They would be asked to add the required evidence making the assignment achievable.

Recognising prior learning – This would be when a learner has completed a unit in another qualification within the set time of the national standards. I would check their certification for proof of this and get the learner to take the test of under pinning knowledge so they would not have to do the same unit again. I would be able to document this in the learners log book with a RPL form, the form would need to be signed and dated from the achieved date on the certificate.

C. To plan the assessment of occupational competence to address learner needs and current achievements.
In my assessment plan I would identify any specific need that the learner may have e.g. Dyslexia (I would check with the relevant department within the training establishment to see what help could be offered to the learner i.e. extra time given for assignments and written tests). I would then agree the level and extent of their current knowledge
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