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Assessment description
You must identify potential risks to a specific project planed develop a risk plan to monitor and control risks effectively, identifying preventative and contingent actions to prevent the risk from occurring or reduce its impact, to increase the chances of achieving project success.
Types of risk will depend upon the project plan used.
1. Examine the project plan.
2. Identify any risks that could occur during the project.
3. Use the risk assessment matrix supplied to assess the level of risk.
4. Develop preventative actions to prevent the risk from occurring, or contingent actions to reduce the risk of occurring.
5. List the contingent actions to reduce the impact, should the risk occur.
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- Arrange for suitable firefighting equipment to be available. - Consider relocating the barbecue if you are concerned about the risk of fire due to the wind direction - Use your barbecue in a clear space. - Leave the barbecue and charcoal to cool before moving it. - Ash & cinders should be cooled with water before disposal. - Do not place used charcoal in a bin until you are sure it is has cooled completely. - Make sure the barbecue is stable.
Contingent recommended actions: Briefly describe any action that should be taken - If a fire occurs, don’t try to extinguish the flames if is not safe. Call to Fire station. - Have a fire blanket and water close to hand.
Supporting documentation (attached): Recruitment - Fire and Rescue NSW
Signature: _______________ Date: 29/10/2013
This form to be forward to the project manager.

Risk log
On this template, all issues are treated as risks. They should be recorded when they arise, signed a number and responsibility, and a recovery strategy or alternate path greed, acted upon and recorded when closed.

Issue /risk
( rank as to impact)
Impact on budget
on schedule
Agreed management strategy
Financial responsibility Status
(open, in progress, closed)
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