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1. Name two signs you would look for to let you know Vara is ready to end counselling.
During the session Vara says that she has spoken to Alec about her feelings and has agreed to have a three month trail separation, and that they are considering an option of seeing a marriage counsellor are the two sighs that would indicate her expectations and goals are met and I would consider that Vara is ready to end the counselling process.
2. Briefly describe how you would support Vara’s sense of autonomy.
By focussing on her strengths and her past achievements to give her the confidence and motivation and by summarising to Vara and by acknowledging to her that she as achieved her set goal I would support Vara’s sense of autonomy.
3. Briefly
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6. Provide an example of one of your session client notes.

Client Record Form
Name : - Vara
Date of Session:-
Session No:- 8
Session Duration:- 45 minutes
Summary of issues: - came to Australia 25 years ago, fulltime mother now children grown up and left house, husband Alec in control of finances and has ferocious temper, feeling unhappy and trapped in marriage, fed up and wants to end marriage, secretly working part time for the past year as translator, wants to live her own life, and visit her children/grandchildren when she wants to, but clings to familiar routine and security of current married life, fearful of Alec’s reaction and worried if she can manage on her own, but still loves Alec.
Experiments or Task:-

Session Notes: - Vara has spoken to Alec and they have decided to have a three month trail separation, Alec was moved and said he loved her and had no idea that she was not happy, possibility of seeing a marriage counsellor, Vara is moving with her friend Julie for the three months, looking to increase working hours as translator.
Approaches and/or Interventions Used: Provided Vara with a list of marriage counsellors around the area, and requested
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